On or before 1 Sep 2011

Photo showing Julia with a person (Dmitry Golubev) that appears to be her boyfriend at that time and ..an engagement ring?
Irina Kleban 01.09.2011

14 February 2012

Julia was asked on ask.fm, "What did you get for Valentines day?"
Julia, obviously in love, answers "He's still there!"

23 May 2013

Julia uploaded a video to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com

27 June 2013

Julia uploaded two more videos to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com (as seen above, hot indeed!)

19 September 2013

Julia uploaded two more videos to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com ("invite me!")

17 October 2013

Julia uploaded another video to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com

Julia Zhilinskaya can play, but not sing.

31 October 2013

Just a few days after being "your FIRE", Julia and Alexander seems to be more than just friends..
Julia and Alexander

17 January 2014

Julia still decided to upload another video to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com ("new style"). Perhaps Alexander isn´t that good?

9 May 2014

Julia and Alexander is obviously getting closer again..

26 May 2014

I wonder if Alexander knows that Julia is looking for a man abroad?

On or before 19 Aug 2014:

Julia doesn't seem to be very single, to be honest...
Irina Kleban 19.08.2014

14 December 2014

Julia and Alexander with another happy couple. Orthodox Christmas coming early this year..

19 December 2014

But then, ... Julia uploaded another video to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com (will it bring luck?). Was she tired of Alexander already or taking the opportunity to get some Christmas gifts from other men?

14 February 2015

Julia and Alexander seen together in a romantic Valentines photocard shared on Instagram.

7 May 2015

Julia uploaded a very sexy video-shoot to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com ("you can leave your hat on")

9 Oct 2015:

Julia seems to be looking really hard for a boyfriend abroad now. Being promoted as "Lady of the week"

1 Nov 2015:

I did not even know that Helloween was adopted by Orthodox countries. What scares me more though, is the fact that it seems that Julia's friends and boyfriend accepts the fact that she is actively looking for a man abroad while being in an established relationship.

20 August 2016

Julia and Alexander on the beach, obviously as a couple together with 3 other couples.
Beach party

24 Sep 2016:

Julia and Alexander in Tatyana Komarovskaya's 23 year's birthday-party. Julia and Alexander are not allowed to be seen together as a couple because of Julia's "work" and Julia have to take the dinner photo.
Tatyana Komarovskaya 24.09.2016
A group photo showing only the ladies taken the same evening.

June 2017 ->

Julia Zhilinskaya (or someone acting on her behalf) is actively contacting men in chat, paid letters and private emails. On Veronikalove, Natashaclub and other dating websites.


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29 September

Real Julia Zhilinskaya accepts a gift delivery order which consists of 22 long stemmed roses and a romantic card. No notable efforts were made to tell that she is already in a relationship with Aleksandr Kosenko



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1 October

Igor Rumyantsev busted as being a writer/slave for Julia Zhilinskaya when he was trying to steal a present for himself and his girlfriend.

4 October

I got an email from "The Inspirations Company" telling me that they were grateful that I had helped them uncovering the dishonest person that had stolen Julia's email-account and that Igor Rumyantsev never had been enrolled in their staff because of his lack of knowledge in English language. They were obviously covering up the story.

In the evening, the same day, Julia Zhilinskaya (or someone acting on her behalf) sends a letter claiming that this time it is from REAL Julichka. She asks to be trusted one more time and suggests a cam-date or real date.

5 October

Julia and Kent trying to have a first "cam-date" on VeronikaLove. It fails because of technical difficulties but a new date was planned.

6 October

Julia Zhilinskaya (or someone acting on her behalf) writes letters to me, that I have to pay to open, first in NatashaClub, then in VeronikaLove.

7 October

Julia lies about her VK account being stolen by political activists and explains
why we should stick to paid letters only.

Later, the same day, I received a video from "The Inspirations Company" again of Julia explaining that her email had been stolen but she herself had been writing all the letters I had been paying for.
She strengthens this by bringing up a few facts from our correspondence.

Interestingly she denounces having written those letters, later in our private communication.

A few minutes later I receive another letter, signed with Kisses Juli.

And then, again, in the evening with sweet dreams Juli


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11 October

Julia uploaded a cute video of herself making pizza, to her online dating profile at Natashaclub.com. She also sends an "uncut" version to me, with voice instead of music.

The letters starts to become more personal again and I started to like "new Julia" more and more.

12 October

Morning letter on Natashaclub Juli tells that she really would want us to fall in love.

Real Julia Zhilinskaya having a romantic Cam-Date with Kent on VeronikaLove.

Real Julia Zhilinskaya accepts another romantic gift; roses, champagne and chocolates.


Julia makes no effort at all, to tell that she is already in a relationship with Aleksandr Kosenko


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(story to be continued..)

17 November 2017

Julia was on a "date with paid interpreter", with Kent at Hotel Intourist in Zaporozhye

8 December 2017

Julia accepts roses and a romantic card delivered via dating agency 1st-International.

15 December 2017

Kent fires off a message to Alexander, asking if him and Julia are still sharing the same bed, and if so: "Why does he allow her to have romantic meetings with other men?"
Kent gets blocked within an hour.

17 December 2017

Julia refuses to accept an early Christmas-gift delivered via dating agency 1st-International. I wonder if Alexander could have anything to do with it?

1 May 2018

Julia and Alexander seen together with another couple

31 July 2018

Julia and two friends.

Translated comments:

Tania: Julia, I'm sorry for the photo, but it's a bomb
Julia: I didn’t do anything bad to you) for what?) I hope you have a closed account))

Yes, Julia, Tania do have a closed account. What are you trying to hide?



6 September 2018

"Julia Zhilinskaya" complains that I'm reposting her material here on this website.
Complaint letter with answer

Dear Juli, nice try, but you know how many times I have been trying to contact you about this and I have made it clear what I expect from you before archiving this website. It will have to stay here to prevent you from hurting more people until this happen.

26 October 2018

Julia and Alexander still hanging around with the same couple.