Brachka, also known as pay per letter dating (PPL) is apparently a big business in Zaporozhye and other Ukrainian cities. An interview recently published in Zaporozhye based news site «НовостнОЙ!» tells the story about a man that used to work in a so called marriage agency.


A few highlights:

  • The only requirement from you is perseverance. You also need to be punctual and polite. Knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary, since this is a correspondence, not a live communication, and you can safely use a translator.
  • As far as I know, all the profits are received by the boss - the main bigwig in all this movement. Then this person just goes to the offices and distributes the money to each employee. Well, either just sends to the card.
  • Earnings directly depends on your ability to communicate with people. It is very important to be able to lure, but without vulgarity - this is important. Vulgarity on the part of the models on the site was not allowed in any form.
  • We could earn from nothing to 500 UAH per night. It is impossible to say exactly how much you will receive at the end of the day or month. In the first month I earned about 7 thousand hryvnia. In the next - about 5.5 thousand, more - 4.5 thousand. Then steadily about 4 thousand.
  • We had several profiles with girls, under whose names we sat. You should have come up with a “welcome message.” It could be anything: “Hi, how are you today?”, For example. This message should be universal and suitable for any man on the site. After all, you won’t ask how his dog is doing, if you don’t even know if he has a dog.
  • You see on the site of men who are online - this is a separate column on the left. Next thing is in your hands: Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and forward to tell everyone how much you miss him.
  • When finished with one form, you can start with the next one. Clearly, it is desirable not to repeat in his message to men. This is at least suspicious. For each message received from the man you get bonuses. Then these bonuses are converted into your hryvnia taking into account the dollar. I will not say exact calculations, but the higher the dollar, the more money, of course. Also, bonuses were awarded for each photo that you send and for each full letter (300+ characters) that your profile will receive.
  • The most joyful moment in the work is when you took off the phallus photo (laughs). If you received such a photo, then you are the happiest person on the planet, because for him you will receive extra money. Therefore, these photos were worth their weight in gold. And no, you cannot throw off yours, because you communicate on behalf of a girl. Models generally throw intimate photos is prohibited by the terms of the site. Violating them, you can get a fine, but it is in dollars and with a few zeros.

A couple of adverts for "workers" in Instagram recently. They can easily be found by #брачка