Julia singing and dancing; "I'm only human after all".

I see the irony in this song. Indeed just an ordinary human. Sexed up by makeup and Photoshop. Far from the musical talent she claimed to be (which was in real life Dariya Kandratyeva)

But I can not help it. I still think that Julia might be a super cool girl, a person which I would actually like. I guess I was only unlucky to meet the wrong side of her, wrong time and place. I only wish she would have been humble and honest as well.

I'm afraid she's got a bit of a drinking problem? Another real life contrast to her many dating profiles that all said "not drinking".

Thanks to her friend for sharing these with me! Both videos from shortly after our "breakup".

And here the story ends. I might be reorganizing this site soon, to make it faster to load and easier to find and use. And then I'll just wait for Julia to send me a letter that explains how everything was just a miscommunication. Until then, or at least for a few years, I'll just let it all stay here as a beacon over Julia Zhilinskaya's past career as a professional dater and scammer.

Please read this article before you get temped in trying to meet any girl from Ukraine through any of the most common dating sites. Most of them are scam factories and it's a promise.