Dear Julia,

You probably know me, don't you? Do you hate me for shutting your business down? I guess you do! But I tried everything to reach you. You know I did.

You blocked me in all social media's. Your boyfriend blocked me. Your friends blocked me.[1] In the end even the agency-"translator" stopped answering. Now I'm writing you an open letter and I know for sure it will reach you one day. 😆

И на моей улице будет праздник

You (or your agent) asked if "I hate you that much", but I don't hate you Julia. Sure, I was a bit upset that you kept lying and never, ever apologized even when you had the chance. You "never lie", remember? Yes, an apology would have made a big difference. I think the value of a sincere apology is very underrated in today´s society, to use your own wording.

I know, even the "never lie" - sweet words was stolen from another girl´s profile. I looked it up!

You probably wonder what will happen now? If you read this, it probably means that some one of your friends have read about it already and your reputation in Zaporozhye is free falling. Or so I hope, and I believe this is well deserved. Please feel free to prove that I am wrong, I would welcome it!

Julia, I perfectly understand that you and me won't ever have a romantic relationship and this is not why I´m doing this. I have stopped insisting already a long time ago. I'm not the one to keep chasing girls that don't even like me, but as any man, I get upset when girls pretend to be interested just to cash in on attention/gifts, and this is what you do for a living isn´t it? When I understood that you have a husband/boyfriend already and perhaps even a kid.. it really made me wonder how long time you have been doing this and how many lonely guys you might have deceived during the last 5 years or so. Did you really think you could do this and get away with it, as if nothing had happened? I guess you must have done this a lot since you seemingly have no conscience left? Do you have any idea how much pain you have been creating?

I guess this kind of scamming isn't punishable by law in Ukraine. After all, very many girls are doing it! I couldn't really see any point in reporting you to the local police in your city. Zaporozhye is in the pro-Russian part of Ukraine, I guess the police there are struggling enough to keep the city organized already and I would assume they are providing some kind of a "roof" for the 3 UDS-agency offices in the city, as they still exists despite all the complaints about scamming. The remaining existence of such criminal structure bear witness of a corrupt municipal goverment looking away. Your agency would never continue to exist if they didn't have some sort of consent from the local authorities, that´s what I think about it. After all, such business must provide a huge income to the city and who knows what other benefits police and politicians might have from letting this form of organized crime blossom.

This blog is intended do be some sort of therapy for me. 😏 I invite/challenge you to be my guest blogger if you will accept. I'm sure that many readers would find it very interesting to read both sides of our story and it could be your chance to prove that you are not a rotten apple. A business-relationship instead of a romantic relationship. What do you think?

Julia Zhilinskaya, daughter of Victoria; you and your agent have deceived me for around $2000, but with travels and lost work income closer to $5000 in total. And that´s only from me! God knows how much you have stolen from others, in total. Consider it a loan Julia! Hopefully the use of your photos, videos and letters will attract some guests to my blog and then some small percentage of them might in turn click through on my ad´s and slowly pay your dues back. That might take a long time, even "forever"! I´m open for direct negotiations if you find it unbearable, Juli - you know where to find me! (Check your block list)

Kent 😉

[Hydro Power Station Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Photo credit: Andrii Zymohliad]

  1. Your friends blocking me without a word is a strong message to send. I will have to assume they are involved and agrees in this business of yours. This should help getting their attention:
    Tatyana Maslova
    Lyuba Bykova
    Tatyana Komarovskaya ↩︎